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Hello there, my name is Ian and this is my site! The purpose of this page is to tell you a little bit about your webmaster and why I created this site. I already have an about us page on however I wanted to create a page that's a bit more personal. Why? I'm always going to websites and am super curious to know the story behind them. Who created them? Why did they create them? How did they create them? I'm sure some of you are wondering who's behind this site and hence my About Us page is born!

Who Am I?

My name is Ian and I'm in my mid 20s, with a great job. I make a good salary but also have to work dreadfully long hours for my salary (certainly hope it will get easier and I don't have to work these hours for the rest of my life). I recently graduated college with a degree in Computer Science. I life in the San Francisco Bay Area and my top goal right now in life is owning my own home, right here in the Bay Area. Real estate prices have dropped a bit in the last several years but I'm still priced out of the market, especially in terms of not having a sufficient down payment. It's expensive around here!

Why Did I Create Save For House?

Saving money takes determination. So, I decided to create this website to keep myself motivated on the path towards home ownership, learn more (writing these articles has opened up tons of new questions), and make a little income on the side (you may wish to check out my article on making extra money with a website).

On this topic, I also wanted to call out that I am an affiliate of many of the products that I advertise on this site. This means I get a small commission when a sale is generated. I only advertise products on this site that I personally use and endorse. I fully believe in the products I advertise and this makes promoting them really easy. Overall, the money I make from this website is used to pay for hosting fees and also my time in writing articles and improving the site. I thank you for your support and hope that over the long term I can spend more time developing information heavy websites as this income stream grows. There are too many people on the Internet trying to hide how they make money at "trick" people out of their money. I disagree with this strongly and as a marketer only support and market products that I believe in and feel would improve the lives of my visitors, you all!

Without this website, I would probably not worry as much about spending money and would take even longer to own my first house. Also, I absolutely love writing but as mentioned above I'm a Computer Science guy. My regular job does not allow me to utilize my passion for writing and this website is a great vent for writing about some very exciting and educational topics. In terms of making more money, one day I definitely hope that websites can be a large portion of my personal income (this is so much more fun than going to my job).

Guest Articles By Doreen Martel

Recently, I have been very lucky. I have had the pleasure of working with Doreen Martel for some really great (amazing) guest articles. Doreen has really added some fuel to the fire and helped me round out this website with some really great topics such as ways for families to save money for their down payment and a plethora of insightful articles about mortgage loans and the home buying process. (Again super lucky to have Doreen writing these articles because of her amazing knowledge.) To help you know who's writing which article, I have specifically noted Doreen's articles written exclusively for Save For House with a signature at the bottom of them. All other articles are written by me. I'm most excited about having the both of us working on this site because it gives two unique perspectives which means more information, more tips, and more down payment savings. Want to learn more? Check out Doreen's About Us Page.

>> Check Out Doreen's About Us Page <<

Please Feel Free To Contact Me

Have a suggestion for the site? Have an idea for an article? Just want to say hi? Please feel free to shoot me an email. I really appreciate all of the emails that I get from you guys. Last, wanted to close out by thanking you for visiting my site and I sincerely hope that I have been able to make a difference in your life, either by teaching you something you didn't know before or by sparking you to think about things in new ways (or by just providing some entertainment). Thanks again and please make sure to bookmark me!

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