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Picture of Doreen While I'm in the midst of writing all of these articles I thought you might like to know a little something about the person behind the words! I know that when I go to a website I normally like to find out who's behind the "team" of creators of content. I was very excited to be invited as a guest writer and I continue to be excited about bringing you information on saving money as well as what to expect in the home mortgage process.

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You might be wondering why I write these articles. For beginners, I'm a freelance writer. That's sort of an accidental occupation! I spent many years in the financial services business, first in stock brokers offices (where I helped people invest money in stocks, bonds and other investment vehicles), then in a mortgage office where I was a loan originator as well as a compliance officer which afforded me the opportunity to help people understand the home mortgage process as well as help them gather all the necessary documents required for them to get that down payment to work and finally own their new home! One of the certifications I received was the FNMA First Time Home Buyers Certification which allowed me to go out in the community and teach them all the ins and outs of home ownership. Finally I worked at a large mutual fund company helping people invest money for savings and for retirement. I've also done a number of writing jobs that involve all types of home owners insurance and life insurance which rounds out my financial expertise.

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease and I was forced to give up driving. Because of this, I needed to work at home (obviously) since I live in a rural area that isn't convenient to public transportation. I have to admit that I struggled for a while trying to find my "niche". Then I discovered that I enjoyed writing online which was sort of an accident when I answered an ad that I found online. Well, one thing led to another and I now work full time doing freelance writing and have two people who work with me and we function together as a team providing articles and website content for a number of people.

This particular series of articles is very near and dear to my heart as you can tell from my background. Not only have I spent a great deal of my life in financial services (which helps me share even more information on saving with you) but I also spent enough time in the mortgage business to help you make your down payment go even further and also to understand the "other" charges that will be involved. I am very excited about all of the information that can be shared with you regarding saving for your new home and preparing for home ownership!

I hope you enjoy our articles and I hope that you'll feel free to let us know if there's a topic you'd like us to write about!

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