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One of the top ways to save money for your house is to get a second supplemental job either on the weekends or at night, on top of your regular job. I'm not going to lie to you, this is one my more difficult recommendations. Who wants to work even more hours on top of their already stressful job and life, filled with so many commitments? I know I don't, at least in the conventional sense. That is why I feel it's so important to find a second job that you really love. Since you are already going to be extremely tired, you need a second job that is flexible and excites you, a lot. If you can make this happen, it is the quickest way to greatly boost your income and save for your house down payment. Who knows, maybe you will like your second job so much that you quit your primary job and take it on full time. For the rest of this article, I will be highlighting some clever second jobs that I think are great candidates for your consideration. Also, at the end, make sure to read on all about my personal experience (and mistake) taking on a second weekend job I did not really want.

Make Some Extra Money By Working For is a website that provides high value articles to its users. There are staff writers at called guides writing about almost every topic imaginable. is a huge success story and it gets a ton of traffic and is ranked very highly on search engines. Because they get so much traffic, they are able to monetize their site quite well with advertising. It is a great model because they always need more and more articles to keep a competitive edge and therefore are always looking for new guides. Guides are given very flexible hours (you can write your articles whenever you like as long as you meet your monthly quota) and are paid based on performance (how much traffic your articles draw). I really like the paradigm because it satisfies my top requirements for a second job candidate: you set your own hours and you get to write about a fun topic that you're passionate about. Also, as continues to grow, your articles will naturally get more traffic because the site will keep bringing in more and more visitors (as a guide you will indirectly benefit from the work of all other guides as well). You can read more about becoming an guide here.

Why Not Start Your Own Website?

Ok, I've already discussed the benefits of starting your own website in this article but must mention it again here. In starting your own website, you don't get the infrastructure that provides, but you do get full control and ownership of the website you create. If you are really passionate about a topic and are looking to build a longer term asset, this is definitely the way to go. Starting your own website in the short run will not make you nearly as much money as the other alternatives in this article but it provides the opportunity to make much more money in the long term because you are building an asset that you own that keeps kicking off advertising income. Not to mention you are creating something of value that helps others by spreading your knowledge. That's an accomplishment more important than money! Personally, I have worked countless hours late and night launching multiple websites (including this one). It has been a long a difficult process, but also extremely rewarding and addicting.

Work As A Remote Contractor On oDesk

oDesk is a site that allows you to work for others remotely. It is a global network of programmers, data miners, freelance writers, and graphic designers that work remotely on their own time schedule for businesses that need their assistance. With the bad economy, more and more companies are looking to outsource projects because it is much cheaper for them. A company that hires an employee on oDesk is not responsible for HR, benefits, and overhead. While this alternative may not be as fun as the above two because you do get to set your own hours but you might not be working on a very exciting project, I definitely recommend it as a great opportunity for a flexible second weekend job.

Which Second Jobs To Avoid

After talking about a few good opportunities, let's look at what you should not do. First, let me premise this with the fact that it's easy to burn out these days. Bosses and managers can be extremely demanding. Keeping that in mind, I would urge you to not take a second job that requires face to face contact with your boss and clients. Most likely you are already doing a ton of this during your regular work day. One of the most important things about saving money for your mortgage down payment is longevity. You will not be able to save for the down payment overnight (believe me, I have been saving for a long time now) and will need to be in the saving game for the long term. You do not want to expose yourself to extra pressure. The best way to avoid this is to take second jobs that are Internet based because then you can work remotely. While you may make less (especially after factoring in self employment higher taxes), it is totally worth it for the freedom and mental benefits. Moreover, if you start finding huge success you could quit your day job and make your internet job your focus, what a great thing!

Where Can I Find More Internet Based Jobs?

That being said, I recommend searching Google for such terms as home based business, home job, network marketing, etc. As always, you will want to be very careful because there are a lot of scams out there and you don't want to get affiliated with the wrong thing. That's why I like the options presented in this article so much, they are very big and trustworthy companies. Good luck and remember to take some time off for yourself.

The Weekend Job That I Quit Before I Even Started

Mentioned above, my second job is managing my portfolio of websites. I love writing and helping people. The pay per hour of time invested so far is low, but I have very flexible hours and see the long term benefits of building up passive income. Recently, I got approached by a friend to work for him part time. He offered a reasonable amount of money and even stock options in his company. However, this weekend job didn't work out. I quickly realized I was in over my head and creating too much stress in my already hectic life. It's a recurring theme on this site - I make a mistake and hope that you learn from it! This is no exception. Please read on all about my personal experience taking on a second job and then quickly backing out.

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