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There is a flood of information about auto insurance carriers available to consumers. While in past years it was nearly impossible to find a reputable carrier without meeting with a local insurance agent, the Internet has opened up new doors for many consumers. Today, online quote systems have enabled consumers to find new and innovative ways to compare and save (for their home down payment or other money savings goal) on all types of insurance and more specifically on car insurance.

Some of the top carriers who offer online quotes for consumers to compare their existing policies and save money include:


Esurance allows car insurance buyers to input information right on their website by inputting their zip code. One of the nice features about this is that Esurance will tell you immediately if they do not offer coverage in your zip code and offer you options for coverage in your area. Consumers can get a quote in less than five minutes and even buy their insurance online immediately after getting a quote.


Most of us have seen the insurance products offered by Progressive in numerous television commercials. Progressive specializes in comparing prices of various carriers and offering the consumer the most cost effective packages for their needs. Progressive takes into consideration multi-driver discounts, multi-policy discounts and other information to find the best possible options for consumers.

Consumers can log into their website, input the information needed to obtain quotes and in some cases can save upwards of $500 a year on their insurance policies. This is definitely something that should be reviewed by a consumer who is interested in comparing prices for greater savings.


Comparison of insurance rates could not be any easier with Geico. Simply go to their home page and select the type of policy you are looking for. They will ask you information about your current car insurance policy, the drivers and all owned vehicles. In addition, Geico will offer consumers and opportunity to tell them about other policies they have in order to provide information on discounts that may be available for multiple policies.


Comparison-shopping for auto insurance is beneficial to consumers for a number of reasons. Not only does it provide the opportunity to see what each company is offering, it also helps them understand where they might have the opportunity to modify their policies. Not every consumer understands all the intricacies of shopping for insurance.

Using a reputable insurance company can help consumers have the peace of mind they need to know that they are completely covered and that they are getting the best possible coverage for their individual needs. These highly respected companies can help consumers save money, get great coverage and all of them offer extremely high levels of customer support.

In spite of the fact that all of these companies offer online quotes a quick review of their well-designed websites also reveals that it is easy to contact customer service by phone. In fact, for consumers who are searching for car insurance quotes online, you can even call from your Skype account for fast, courteous and professional service immediately. Comparing and lowering car insurance costs (by choosing the right carrier for you) is one of the most effective ways to save some extra money for your mortgage down payment.

This article is written by guest author Doreen Martel exclusively for Save For House.

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