Lower Your Cable and Internet Bills For Instant Savings

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Cable and internet bills are very expensive and are a great candidate for cutting costs to save money for your mortgage down payment. I currently spend $100 per month on my cable and internet bill which comes from the same provider. This is $1,200 per year which is a huge expense. I am able to personally rationalize this because I really enjoy cable TV and only have the basic package and also because I need high speed internet to work on my job and website at home. Even though I am not following the advice, I must present the following tips because $1,200 is a large sum of money and these are some really helpful money saving ideas.

Can You Live Without TV?

The best way to save money is to completely eliminate an expense. If you are able to live without cable TV, why not eliminate it? This will save you around $50 per month or $600 per year. Moreover, this will free up time for you to read books and also perform activities that directly save and earn you more money so you can save up your down payment quicker. As a side note for the negotiators among us, I have a friend who recently called up his cable provider to cancel. As an incentive to keep him on board, they offered to cut his fees in half. I would not recommend this tactic if you want to keep your cable because they may not give this offer to everyone but it's good to know if you are considering canceling.

Live Without High Speed Internet For Savings

In this day and age, I think this is not the best idea since I urge each and everyone to start your own website for more income. However, if the time is not right and you have your hands full, maybe you could downgrade to dial up internet. This could save you as much as $40 per month or $480 per year. One idea would be to cancel your high speed internet for a year and then get it back when you have more free time and have pocketed $480 in savings. This might especially make sense if you can use the internet at work for all of your personal use and don't need the internet at home at all. As yet another alternative, you could use the internet in your local library as well. One word of caution here is again to make a great name for yourself at work because that is how you get promoted and earn more income. You will only want to use the internet at work for personal use on your breaks and after hours.

Do You Really Need The Premium Channels?

This is where the costs start to add up. These days, most great TV shows are released on DVD and you can rent them very cheaply at places like Netflix. Instead of subscribing to premium channels, why not wait for the DVD and then rent it?

Check Out Satellite TV For Savings

Here I am giving advice on something I know nothing about because I have never used the service however I have seen ads for great deals on satellite TV. It's probably worth your time to check out the latest deals and decide for yourself if you can save more money by making the switch from cable to satellite.

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