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Welcome to the Save For House personal finance directory including websites related to saving money, frugality, personal finance, home loans, and budgeting. All websites are hand picked for quality and are websites we feel benefit our users in their quest to save money for their home mortgage down payment or other money saving goal.


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First Time Home Buyer Loan
Mortgage Loans Save For House is all about saving up for your first home down payment. Once you've saved up your home loan down payment, it's time to start looking for that perfect first home and investigating your home loan options. This is exactly where First Time Home Buyer Loan dot net steps in. This great little site is the perfect primer when it comes to home loans for first time home buyers. I recommend check out the article about first time home buyer tax credits. 11/20/10
New Construction Homes
Real Estate So you're on Save For House because you're saving up your down payment. There's no better time than now to determine what type of home you want to buy. Do you want a condo, townhouse, or house? How about a new construction home versus an older home? I highly recommend checking out New Construction Homes to learn more about the benefits of a brand new home. I particularly recommend the article about buying a new home. 8/12/10
Self Storage FAQ
Self Storage Self Storage FAQ offers free information about self storage. Whether you're saving for your first house down payment or already own your first home, self storage is truly invaluable. It's a great way to keep your home clutter free while requiring less living space. 6/30/10
Government Refinance
Mortgage Loans There's no doubt about it, we're in a crazy economy right now. If you already own your first home, congratulations. If you bought within the last few years, there's a good opportunity that your home's value is a little lower today and also that your mortgage rate is higher than the current rate. Rest assured that you are not alone. The government offers government refinance programs that may be able to help. This is a neat little site that provides an introduction to government refinance programs and refinancing in general. 1/08/10
Mortgages, Loans, Insurance, & Price Comparison (UK Audience) I would like to highlight one of my favorite UK websites today, Moneysupermarket. For anyone looking to save up money for their down payment, and get great deals on products and services by comparing prices, Moneysupermarket is the site for you. The reason I like this site so much is it's a one stop shop for price comparison. Whether you're looking to get a great deal on your mortgage, home insurance for your 1st house, or other insurance products, you can do it all at Moneysupermarket. 9/19/08
How Much Answers
Money Answers I really like How Much Answers as a general introductory site on personal finance. They offer a plethora of articles about a variety of personal finance and money saving topics under four broad headings: credit, insurance, investing, and loans. Within the loans section, there are a variety of articles that relate directly to first time home buyers and those saving for their first house. Specifically, I really like their article about painful mistakes to avoid when buying your 1st home. 6/28/08
US Secured Credit Repair
Credit Repair If you're saving up money to own your own house, it's very important to have a good credit score. Mortgage lenders look at your credit score when determining whether you qualify for a home loan and additionally a great credit score may qualify you for better home loan terms. Visit US Secured Credit Repair today to learn all about fixing your damaged credit. Services offered include credit repair, credit counseling, mortgage loans, debt consolidation, bankruptcy avoidance, money management, and debt negotiation. 4/28/08
Frisco Real Estate
Real Estate Agent Looking to buy or sell in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex? Becky Washam and Associates can help. They are "Always Here For You" and are very experienced with first time homebuyers. Make sure to visit the BW Home Team if you're interested in buying or selling a home in Texas! 1/9/08
Personal Finance Advice
Personal Finance Articles, Forum This site has too many personal finance articles to count. I especially like the articles about saving money. Site is organized around threads so users can enter feedback and have conversations around the articles which is neat. 11/18/07
Character-Education Personal Money Managemennt
Personal Finance Lessons, Articles, Book Reviews Very comprehensive website "offering unique, affordable, compelling online resources to help educators and parents change lives." In your journey to take control of your finances and learn as much as possible about money, this site is a must see and wealth of information. Site contains reviews of top finance books (including some of my personal favorites such as Winning by Jack Welch), six lessons to achieving financial empowerment, money lesson plans, and much more. 11/11/07

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