Saving Money By Giving Back To Your Community

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All of us understand the advantages of giving back in our community, that great feeling we get when we help someone less fortunate than ourselves. In addition to the great karma that you will surround yourself with there are a number of ways that giving something back can actually help you save money!

Fundraisers Can Save You Money

You've been trying to save money and because of that you've avoided attending fundraisers that are being put on by your local Lions Club. However, there are some things you should consider before you think you can't afford those tickets to that dinner, breakfast or brunch.

  • Take The Family - Many events that are sponsored are intended to be family events and typically will offer a ticket for a single person at one price but if you're going as a family many also offer a family price. Many times, breakfasts, lunches and even dinners that are sponsored by a local organization can be a very cost effective meal. It's always less expensive than eating at a restaurant and many times it can be even more cost effective than eating at home, allowing you to save even more money towards your down payment.
  • Free Events - Many service organizations sponsor all types of free events including eye screenings, health screenings and even movies and reading nights. Check out the options that are available to you, and if a donation is more cost effective then get involved.
  • Paid Events - Even if you are saving money your family is going to be looking for some time for entertainment - you can save money towards your down payment, have a day at a fair, a carnival or other fun event and still help your community. Look for carnivals and fairs sponsored by non-profit groups (your ticket price is a donation to them), check out father/daughter dances, and consider giving raffle tickets from a charitable organization for small thoughtful gifts (that also may be tax deductible).

SHARE: (Sharing Helping Always Rewards Everyone)

Are you aware that many states now offer the "SHARE" program? SHARE started in San Diego California and is known for distributing food to build communities, strengthen families and increase your savings over supermarket pricing!

How SHARE Works To Save You Money

The theory behind this is that you donate a specific period of time on a monthly basis to a community task of your choosing - this can be your library, church or community center. You can even earn those hours by helping with food distribution or packing of the products from SHARE. In return, you get the satisfaction of helping out your community and also the ability to purchase food at heavily discounted prices over the supermarket.

Currently more than thirty four states participate in this program - look it up online in your area (they do not have "central" website). This program allows thousands of volunteers the ability to do something in their home town and take advantage of exceptional quality food at well below supermarket prices. If you're saving for your home down payment you can participate in community events and still save money towards your down payment.

With all of us so busy we often have a hard time setting time aside to participate in community events. The benefit of being able to help organizations in your town, feel good about helping others and still save money towards your down payment is a big bonus for everyone!

This article is written by guest author Doreen Martel exclusively for Save For House.

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