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February 16, 2008
Save Money By Drinking Less Soda

I recently wrote an article about easy ways to save money. The first tip is about ordering water instead of soda. Unfortunately, I have not been following this tip and it has been hurting my wallet and also my stomach. In an effort to lose a few pounds and also save more money, I am officially declaring that I will stop drinking soda! I eat out at least one meal nearly every day. That's another issue in itself (If I ate out less, I could save a lot of money). However, this is not going to change in the short run due to convenience. I'm saving time by eating out which allows me to leverage myself at my job more. Drinking less soda, however, is totally in my control. Let's assume each soda costs me $1.50. $1.50 times 7 days in a week is $10.50 in savings per week or an outstanding $546 in savings per year. Wow! I'm looking forward to saving the money but even more losing 5 pounds from my waist.

February 3, 2008
Down Payment Assistance Program Directory

One of the best ways of saving money for your house is getting free money in the form of down payment assistance. In my last update, I wrote an introduction to down payment assistance programs. I am continuing to add to that article with a directory of down payment assistance programs. I continue to add more programs to the directory and you will want to check it out to see which programs may make the most sense for you. Don't get me wrong, good old fashioned saving is very important. The goal is to build a solid foundation and own your home for the long term. The way to achieve this goal is to put a large amount of money down. Combining a solid down payment you work hard to save with free money from an assistance program is a terrific way to get the house of your dreams and achieve financial security.

January 13, 2008
Down Payment Assistance Programs and Saving Money With Comparison Shopping

Hello everyone! I'm really excited today because I have two new articles, both of which are really helpful in their own way. The first article is all about down payment assistance programs. No site about saving up money towards your mortgage down payment would be complete without discussing down payment assistance programs. Saving money is very rewarding and essential for anybody interested in homeownership. Getting free money because of careful research and understanding the programs available to you is equally rewarding. The second article is all about saving money with comparison shopping websites. I'm a veteran of a large comparison shopping company and talk about the pros and cons of using comparison shopping websites to save money toward your down payment.

January 3, 2008
Saving Up Your Down Payment & How To Stay Motivated

Saving for a down payment is a large project, one that may take many years. Despite the large reward at the end (owning your own house or condo), it's often difficult to stay motivated to continue saving. The topic of today's post is the one thing that motivates me the most without a doubt to continue saving money: Browsing online home listings. One of my favorite hobbies is regularly checking the homes in my area to get a sense of their prices and my preferences.

There are two large benefits in doing this. First, it is extremely motivating. I cannot wait to own my own home but am often tempted to splurge on an unnecessary expense that would set my savings goal back. Looking at the real estate listings quickly solves this urge to spend because the homes are so nice and I cannot wait to own one. I am tired of living in an apartment and paying rent to the man. The second benefit of regularly checking the real estate listings is to educate yourself on your market area. You will learn a lot about prices and your preferences so when you're ready to buy you can have a very informed conversation with prospective real estate agents. Knowing exactly what you're looking for will help you find a real estate agent that specializes in your area of choice. To stay on course and save for your down payment, you may find Zillow motivating.

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