Saving Money On Clothes While Still Looking Great

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Our clothes budget is often one of the highest expenses we have after paying for rent. Needing clothing for work, for social events and for casual wear can be a costly process, but there are many ways you can cut your clothing budget and add the savings towards home down payment fund.

Saving Money On Clearance Items

At the end of each season, most stores have clearance sales. Unless you are worried about having last season's clothing, you can save a tremendous amount of money on your clothes by taking advantage of these special sales. Consider how much extra money you can put towards your home down payment savings plan if you are spending twenty dollars for that fifty dollar outfit. Taking advantage of clearance sales not only helps you shop smart and save money on clothes but it also helps you save for your home down payment.

Second Hand Stores Save You Money

Every season we clean out our closets and dresser drawers, donating the clothing that we are sure we won't wear again to a worthy charity. Many second hand stores have cropped up in our communities that sell these clothes to help raise money for charity. Generally these clothes are seasonal and can be purchased for a fraction of brand new clothes and many of them still have original tags on them. Purchasing clothing at a second hand store will allow you to save towards your home down payment and still dress very well.

Church And Community Yard Sales

Many of us grow out of our clothing long before it's worn out and as a result every year we see more and more yard sales in our neighborhoods. Yard sales are always a great spot to purchase play clothing and also a great way to purchase children's clothing (they grow out of them way to fast) for a fraction of the cost of new clothing. If you can't find a yard sale in your neighborhood, offer to host one! You can invite everyone on your street to get together and clean out their closets and all of your can participate in a block yard sale. Yard sales are a great way to add to your home down payment savings as well as purchase serviceable clothing that will help you look great. In addition to purchasing new clothing, you can also sell your extra stuff to make money.

Shop Online For Valuable Savings On Clothing

Many of us think about eBay when we're considering purchasing home goods or even when we're considering selling something but few of us would ever consider purchasing clothing online. Before you shop you will want to carefully take your measurements, as sizes vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Whether you're looking for a couple of new pieces to add to your wardrobe or you're looking for a whole lot of clothing for a seasonal change, you can find some great bargains online in both new and used clothing. Want to save even more money? Consider comparison shopping to save extra money. Also, I highly recommend specialty stores that focus on the one particular item you're looking for. Black Jacket for example is a small website that focuses exclusively on (you guessed it) black jackets!

Saving Money On Cleaning

Perhaps the next most expensive part of looking great is the cost to keep your outfits clean. When purchasing clothing carefully check tags for dry clean only or other special cleaning instructions. If you do have clothing that needs dry cleaning look into store purchased dry cleaning kits that can save you considerable amounts of money in dry cleaning costs. You can also purchase fabric freshener sprays that will help remove odors from your clothing and keep them fresh.

In Summary

Saving money on clothing is not a difficult task and you can do this and continue to put your best foot forward and still save money towards your home down payment. Carefully monitor your spending on clothing and cleaning your clothing and you can watch your savings account grow with every decision you make.

This article is written by guest author Doreen Martel exclusively for Save For House.

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