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Welcome to Save For House, your free resource for tips and information on saving money for your home mortgage down payment. This site documents my personal journey to save enough money to purchase my first home. I must admit that when I first created this website, I modeled it after my own browsing behavior - randomly clicking links and "wandering around" until I find what I'm looking for. While this can be a great deal of fun, I later realized that it's important to have a way to quickly find what you're looking for and provide added structure. Hence, my site map! The purpose of this page is to provide a structured view of Save For House, making it easy to understand all of the content and sections on this site. Thanks for visiting and I sincerely hope you find the information on this site educational and helpful! First, let's start off with a summary of the sections on this page:

Down Payments, Home Loans, and Renting Versus Buying

The following articles are a great place to start. Before starting to save money for your home loan down payment, these topics "set the stage" by providing an introduction to the world of home ownership. Learn about the pros and cons of renting versus buying, the mechanics of mortgage loans, the benefits of home ownership, and more.

  • Pros of Renting Vs. Buying - In depth discussion of the pros of renting a home instead of buying. Things you need to know before you decide to buy a house.
  • Pros of Buying Vs. Renting - Owning a home is the American Dream. What are the downsides of continuing to rent?
  • The Hidden Costs of Owning - Are you aware of all of the unexpected expenses that come with home ownership? Learn more.
  • The Hidden Costs of Renting - You thought that renting a property would help you save. Check out the hidden costs associated with renting versus owning.
  • Tax Benefits Of Owning A House - You may be surprised at the tax benefits of home ownership.
  • Where Should I Buy My First House? - Deciding your surroundings is a big factor in deciding where to buy your house. Info about selecting the neighborhood of your first house.
  • Should I Buy A Condominium or House? - Making a decision what type of home to buy can affect your down payment. Discussion of the pros and cons of buying a house, townhouse, or condo.
  • Using The Internet To Research Your Home - The Internet provides more options than ever before for researching your first home online.
  • Using The Web To Research Your Mortgage - You might think your local bank is your best bargain for a mortgage. Before you make that decision do your research online with our easy tips!
  • Use The Net To Research 1st Home Repairs - So you've saved up your down payment, tied up your dream house, and are ready to move in. An important step of your move in process is making necessary repairs to your new house. Learn how to use the Internet to save money on repairs to your first house.
  • Top 7 Home Loan Rules For 1st Time Buyers - This article discusses the top 7 mortgage rules for first time home buyers. To avoid the mortgage bubble and get a conservative and sustainable mortgage loan, it is critical to save up a large down payment of at least 20 percent. This discussion is geared toward the borrower saving up a large down payment and explores fixed versus variable, interest only versus traditional, types of lenders, hidden mortgage fees such as points, and more.
  • Finding a First Time Buyers Real Estate Agent - Free tips for finding the best real estate buyer's agent for your needs. While saving up your home loan down payment, it's a great time to search for a real estate agent and interview multiple agents. That way, when you are finished saving your mortgage down payment, you will have your agent ready to find the house of your dreams.
  • About Your 1st Home Loan Application Process - Learn all about the 1st home loan application process. Doing your research today will result in less confusion and stress later.
  • About Your 1st House Loan Closing Documents - Learn all about home loan closing documents. Researching the home loan closing process now will save you a lot of confusion and make your first home purchase process go smoothly.
  • Understanding Closing Costs On Your 1st Home - Don't get caught short! Be sure you fully understand all closing costs when buying your first home.
  • Understanding The Math Behind Home Ownership - Doing your research before you consider how much down payment you need to save can save hundreds of dollars and a lot of time.
  • Own A Home Now With Down Payment Assistance - Free article all about down payment assistance programs. In your quest to save money for your home loan down payment and own your own home, it is important to understand how mortgages and down payment assistance programs work. Understanding the programs could save you thousands and allow you to own your own home sooner.

Frugal Ways To Save Money For Your House

Woman Saving Money For Her Down Payment
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So you've decided to save money for your mortgage down payment. These articles provide tips on cutting your expenses to save money, also known as being frugal. Saving money is easier than you may think and you can save up your down payment with some clever strategies and determination.

  • Saving Money On Clothes - The cost of clothing is a large portion of our budget. Save money today and still look great.
  • Save Money On Your Taxes - Learning to save money on your taxes can mean a faster growth in savings towards your down payment.
  • Lower Expenses By Eating In - A great way to save money is eating your meals at home. By eating in and packing your own lunch to take to work you can easily save thousands of dollars each year. Read our free articles on saving money for your home mortgage down payment.
  • Top 10 Easy Ways To Save Money - Our top 10 effortless ways of saving money shows how you can save $1,088 per year with little to no effort. Saving money does not have to take a lot of time. Learn how you can start saving money today.
  • Avoid Vacations For Large Savings - Vacations are very expensive. Learn how to save money by planning cost effective vacations (or avoiding vacations altogether) so that you can save money for major expenses in your life such as a home mortgage down payment. Read our free articles for ways to save money.
  • Ways To Save Money On Shopping - There are many ways to save money when you shop, take advantage of all of them with our free money saving tips.
  • Lower Your Gas Bill & Save Money - Gas prices are at record highs. Increase your savings and bank account by cutting costs on gas with our easy to follow free tips and articles. Start saving money by reducing expenses on gasoline today.
  • Down Payment Savings For Families - Saving for your new home should be a family affair. Get everyone involved in saving money for your down payment.
  • Lower Your Cell Phone Bill For Savings - One of the easiest ways too save money is lowering your cell phone bill. There are many easy ways you can reduce your mobile phone bill, read our free article to learn how. Stop giving your hard earned money to cell phone companies today and save.
  • Top Ways To Save Money On Your Pet - We love our pets, but their expenses can be very high each year. Learn how to save money and still keep your pet healthy!
  • Ways To Save Money On The Weekend - You can enjoy all the benefits of tasty food, entertainment, and more and still save money this weekend. Free tips to save money this weekend.
  • Saving Money With Comparison Shopping - Reducing shopping expenses via comparison shopping is one of the easiest ways to save money for your home loan down payment or other large money savings goal. Comparison shopping is an efficient way to lower shopping expenses by letting multiple shops compete on price. Choosing the store with the lowest price saves you money.
  • Buy In Bulk and Save Your Down Payment - Bulk purchases are a great way to save money towards your home down payment or other money saving goal.
  • High Yield Savings Account Down Payment - You can maximize your savings for your down payment by putting your money into a high yield savings account.
  • Frugal Savings With Coupons And Discounts - Taking full advantage of coupons and discounts can significantly increase your savings.
  • Save Money By Eating Free Food At Your Office - Many offices these days provide free snacks and meals. In your quest to save money, read our free tips on how to leverage your office snacks and food for maximum savings.
  • Stop Washing Your Car So Much and Save Cash - The car wash is expensive and can quickly eat up your savings. Read our free articles and tips on ways to save money at the carwash while still taking great care of your auto.
  • Avoid The Movies & Build Up Your Down Payment - Going to the movie theater can be very expensive and hold you back from saving money. Read our free tips and articles on ways to save money by avoiding the movies. Also read our tips on saving money at the movies.
  • Lower Your Cable & Internet Bills For Instant Savings - Read our free tips and articles on saving money on your cable and internet bills. Cable and internet bills are expensive recurring charges and can quickly eat away from your savings account. Learn how to save more money.
  • Stop Going To Starbucks & Watch Your Bank Account Grow - Starbucks is expensive. By cutting back and going half as often as you do now, you can save a considerable amount of money for your mortgage down payment. Read our free articles and tips on saving money.

Making More Money And Investing Wisely Towards Your Down Payment

In addition to cutting back your expenses and living frugally, you can also save up your down payment by making more money and investing wisely. The articles in this section explore exciting investments such as oil while also practical ways of making more money such as getting a weekend job.

  • Get Rid of Extra Stuff For Cash - Everyone has extra stuff that they don't use or need. Learn how to sell these things to make money that you can save for you home loan down payment or other savings goal.
  • Start A Website For More Income - Starting a website is a great way to earn extra money beyond your regular paycheck. Read our free guide to learn how to create your own website about a topic that interests you and start earning advertising income today.
  • The Savers Worst Nightmare Inflation - The money saver's worst nightmare is inflation. Learn how to hedge your bets against inflation to preserve your savings. Read down payment money saving tips and strategies.
  • Start Saving Your Down Payment Early - Even if you're not ready to buy a home now, it's not too early to start saving for your down payment!
  • Save Money Pay Off Your Credit Cards - Hundreds of dollars a month can be added to your down payment savings by paying off credit cards. Learn the benefits of paying off your credit card debt and start saving money for your down payment today.
  • Pay Off Your Auto Loan & Save On Interest - Paying off your auto loan will save you tons of money in interest and also qualify you for a higher home loan amount. Read our free articles and tips to learn how to pay off your car loan to greatly improve your savings.
  • Get A Weekend Job For Supplemental Income - One of the top ways to save money is to get a second job. We will show you how through our free articles and tips. Start earning more supplemental income today through a second job and you will reach your savings goals in no time.
    • Taking On A Second Weekend Job - Taking on a second job is an excellent way to make and save money. However, it's not always easy. Learn about my difficult personal experience taking on a second job and then quitting.

Mind And Spirit - The Psychological Side of Saving Money

Saving money for your down payment is mostly about setting up rules and following them. However, this is easier said than done. Saving up a large amount of money can be hard and tedious. That's where the following articles come into play. They're all about things you can do to prepare yourself mentally for the largest savings goal of your life, your home loan down payment.

  • Saving Up Money In A Jar - Help keep your entire family motivated towards saving money by placing savings in jars.
  • Save Money By Giving Back - Think about the variety of activities that can help support your community and still save you money.
  • Save Money The Green Way - Saving money and protecting the environment can go hand in hand.
  • Save Money By Getting Sleep - Sleep is one of the most critical components of success, both financial and personal. Improve your life, earn more money, and own the house of your dreams today. Learn the power of getting more sleep.
  • The Personal Finance Journal - My personal finance budgeting system is different. I use a journal to keep myself motivated toward my money saving goals instead of getting tied down in the details of tracking every expense. Start keeping a financial journal today and watch your finances flourish.
  • Buy A Gold Coin To Attract Wealth - Gold coins have the special capability of attracting more wealth, income, and money their owner. In your quest to make and save money, learn why it's important to own a gold coin.
  • Saving Money On Your Monthly Rent - When renting there are a number of options for saving money. Tips for saving money for your first house down payment while renting.
  • Saving Money With Help From A Mentor - Do you know someone who recently purchased a home after saving for their down payment? Ask for their help in your own quest to save money!
  • Keep A Positive Attitude & Buy The House of Your Dreams - Having a positive attitude is critical in becoming wealthy and saving money. Positive thinking attracts good things including money. Read our free money saving tips and articles.
  • Workout More Frequently To Improve Your Life & Bank Account - Working out is critical in growing your personal wealth and savings. In your quest to save for a better life and improve your overall lifestyle, a frequent workout can bring a lot of leverage. Read our free money saving tips and articles.

Down Payment Money Saving Blog Archives

In addition to the above money saving articles, my blog is updated regularly with tips on saving money for your down payment. I document my own quest to own my first home and also offer links and reviews of other neat sites that are helpful.

My Personal Experience Buying My First Home

This site is all about saving up your first mortgage down payment. In recently buying my first condo with my fiancee, I learned that saving up your down payment is only part of the challenge. Despite our research, the home buying experience turned out to be very stressful and challenging. It all ended well and we are now moving into the condo of our dreams, making everything totally worth it. The purpose of this section is to document our first home buying journey and to share our experiences, mistakes, and successes, hopefully making your own experience as smooth and stress free as possible.

  • My New Construction Condo Experience - I almost bought a new construction condo but backed out for several reasons. Learn about my personal experience so you can avoid the mistakes I almost made.
  • My Experience Trying To Buy A Short Sale - My personal home buying journey attempting to buy a short sale condo. While the short sale did not work out, I hope to save you the stress I went through.
  • The Appraisal That Saved Us Thousands - Trying to buy your first home? Make sure to get an appraisal before removing contingencies from your offer. Doing so saved us thousands on a property where the seller misrepresented the square footage.
  • We Almost Rushed Into Buying The Wrong House - We almost rushed into buying the wrong first house. Learn from our experience from our personal home buying experience to save time and stress.
  • Trying To Buy A House From A Difficult Seller - We tried to buy our first house from a difficult seller. It did not work out, thank goodness. Learn the top reasons why I recommend avoiding difficult sellers, especially in this real estate market.
  • I Am Now A Homeowner - After six months of hard work trying to buy a house, and years of saving for our down payment, I'm now a homeowner. Learn from my personal home buying experience.
  • Expenses of Homeownership - My first few months as a homeowner have been awesome. They have also been a bit stressful with some unexpected expenses. Learn how to prepare for these unexpected expenses while saving your down payment.
  • My Homeownership Update - My wife and I saved up our down payment and are now homeowners. In fact, we have now owned our condo for nearly two years. Today, I'd like to update you with my homeownership update!

Money Saving Tips For 2011 and Beyond

Save For House is back and better than ever. While I now own my own home, I'm still obsessed with saving money. After all, my wife and I have a ton of expenses: home mortgage, homeowner's association (HOA), property tax, homeowner's insurance, and much more. How do we save money given all of these expenses? Easy! It's all about living the frugal lifestyle. This newest series of articles is all about saving money for your home mortgage down payment in 2011 and beyond. Even if you already own your own home, this series is perfect for you. Who isn't looking to save some extra money?

  • Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes - It's easy to save money on auto insurance. It all comes down to comparing auto insurance and car insurance quotes. After comparing quotes, you are often able to save hundreds of dollars per year (toward your down payment or other money savings goal).
  • Lower Your Auto Insurance Payment - Want to lower your auto insurance payment? Of course you do! Check out my free tips on how you can lower your car insurance payment today and start saving money.
  • Great Auto Insurance Carriers To Compare - If you're trying to save money, cutting back on your auto insurance bill is a great first step. By comparing the best auto insurance carriers, you can lower your auto insurance cost without compromising quality of coverage.
  • Earning Extra Income Online - When considering buying a house, it is important for a first time home buyer to explore alternate ways to save for a down payment. One way to save for house deposits is to learn how to earn extra income online.
  • Exploring Your Freelance Options - First time home buyers have numerous opportunities to increase their disposable income to save for a down payment. One of these options is freelancing. Understanding where to find freelance opportunities can make the difference between success and failure.
  • Earn Residual Income For Your Down Payment - If you are saving for a down payment, there may be residual earnings that are available to you through AdSense, niche websites and affiliate marketing. Learn how to identify the best programs to get involved in.
  • Cut Your Medical Insurance Expenses - When you are trying to save for a mortgage down payment, one of the many expenses you should be reviewing is your medical insurance. In some cases, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars a year.
  • Save Money On Your Dental Insurance - Many of us do not think about dental coverage until we have a dental problem. However, a simple impacted tooth can wipe out your home down payment. You can save money by having dental insurance.
  • Earn Interest Income From Peer To Peer Lending - If you are trying to save money for your home down payment, peer to peer lending may allow you to earn interest income from a small amount of money. You do not have to invest a lot of money to get a good return.

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  • Asking For More Money at Your Job Performance Review - Learn practical tips on how to ask for more money at your next job performance evaluation. Negotiate a higher salary, maximize your personal finances, and achieve financial freedom. Making more money is one of the best ways to save for your home loan down payment.
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