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Working Second Job At Home
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The parent article to this one, best weekend jobs, is one of the most popular articles on this site. It makes a lot of sense to me. The economy is rough, companies are downsizing and offering less benefits (and pay), and savers are forced into creating extra income streams. I'm a big advocate of second jobs and multiple income streams. If you're getting money from multiple jobs, you are not as much at risk if one of them goes away. That's in fact why I decided to build this website and a few others. Starting your own website is a very entrepreneurial and rewarding second job. However, not all second jobs are ideal and you need to be careful selecting the right one for you. I'm really excited about today's article because it illustrates a mistake I just made in my personal life in selecting the wrong second job. I like writing about my mistakes first and foremost to help out others. I want you to avoid my mistakes! As a secondary benefit, writing down this experience will help me think through the mistake and avoid it in the future. Without further ado, let's look into my recent experience taking on a second job.

I Got A Second Job Offer From A Friend

The other night I had dinner with an old friend, one who makes quite a bit more money than me and also has more years of business experience. He's starting his own business which is incredibly cool. I'm really excited about the product and see it going places. Toward the end of dinner, my friend offered me a part time role with good pay and even a few stock options thrown in. I quickly said "yes". I'm a saver at heart and always looking for ways to make and save more money. Moreover, I'm now a homeowner. The reality of mortgage payments, property taxes, monthly HOA dues, and a potential HOA special assessment has really sunk in. Thankfully, we're able to make ends meet. However, more money would sure create a nice cushion. I decided to go for it! (Taking a step back, I'm now a lot more conscious of my gut instincts to make more money. This decision to say "yes" was almost second nature, I didn't have to think through it much because I'm extremely interested in making more money and having more security in my life. Now, however, I have a better understanding of my sub-conscious so I can think through things in more detail next time.)

This Weekend Job Did Not Work Out

As soon as I said "yes" I started getting really excited. I started thinking about the job and planning it out. However, after a day or so, I realized that I just didn't have any time to pursue this opportunity. My primary job is very stressful. Moreover, I have to commute each day and it takes a lot of energy out of me. I get home and just want to sleep. Also, I started getting emails from my friend (and new second job boss) right away. Before starting, I realized I couldn't take it. I already have a boss to answer to during my full time job. Given my personality, I just couldn't see myself having a second boss! I'm an entrepreneur, I need freedom. More basically, I need more flexibility to pursue activities outside my primary job that are satisfying and don't feel like work. Even though I'm writing this article right now to build Save For House into a better website which in turn will generate more money for me (hopefully!), it's not like that at all. This is fun! It's my hobby. It's theraputic and rewarding. I answer to nobody but myself. I'm helping people!

Second Job Lesson 1: Think Before Acting

I learned it the hard way. My friend is now very confused why I accepted the offer and then promptly rejected it. I makes me look bad and I'm hoping I didn't burn any bridges. When I "quit" this second job before even starting, I knew this was a risk. However, above most other things in life, I'm an advocate of fun and health. I write about working out helping one save money I write about positive thinking helping one save money. I'm happy that I quit the job because it will help me live a more fulfilling and stress reduced life. In hindsight, however, I should have never accepted. Next time, I will think before accepting a second job. It's harder than it looks, especially when valuable money is at stake! My recommendation: Only take a second job that aligns perfectly with your core values. My core values involve answering to nobody but myself. Thus, this second job was destined to fail.

Second Job Lesson 2: Go The Entrepreneurial Route

I emphasized this a bit in my article about best weekend jobs. However, I didn't take my own advice! Especially if you're independent and dream of the day you don't have to answer to anybody, avoid second jobs that involve a boss. Try do to something where you're in charge! Maybe you won't make as much money in the short run (I'm not), but your life will be more fulfilling. Remember, any job is only good if it's sustainable. Take a second weekend job where you can be happy for a very long time, hence creating the real ability to save money for your future.

Don't Let Me Discourage You

To close out, I want to really reinforce the positive aspects of having a second job. Whether you're saving for your down payment or already own a home and are trying to put away some money for your future, I believe everyone should have a second job they love. Why? First, it's hard to save money. Second jobs are a great way to earn extra money that you can save. Second, and more importantly, most people don't like their primary job. I'm ok with mine now, but it is very stressful. The beauty of a second weekend job is it could become your primary job one day if it grows enough. How cool is that! One word of caution: The economy is rough. Whatever you do, never neglect your primary job. Do your absolute best. Impress the heck out of your boss. Keep that positive attitude. I know it's tough sometimes, but it's essential. If you find that you will compromise your first job by taking a second job, don't do it! A second job should always come second to your first job. Your first job is of prime importance in buying and owning your own home (and achieving financial freedom). Treat it with the respect it deserves! However, also, I challenge you to find the perfect second job that you love (and please learn from my mistake). Good luck!

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