Ways Of Saving Money On Shopping

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Money Saving Coupons
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It seems these days that shopping for essentials can cost more and more money and has a significant impact on our ability to save money. Fortunately, there are hundreds of ways to save money on everyday items and still save money towards your home down payment.

Using Coupons To Save Money

Coupons were once used only for those things that were special purchases. Today, we can get coupons for a variety of items and help reduce our overall cost of shopping whether it is for food, cleaning products or even pet foods.

An investment in your Sunday paper will result in hundreds of money-saving coupons ranging from everyday items (like meat and cheese) to items we tend to stop purchasing when we're trying to save money (like ice cream and other desserts). Using these coupons can add up to significant savings when we are doing our shopping.

You don't even have to purchase your local paper, you can find hundreds of money savings coupons online by going to manufacturers websites or even by visiting websites such as where you can find hundreds of money savings coupons by putting in your zip code. Use your coupons wisely and add the savings to your home down payment savings account.

Coupon Traps

Do not fall into the trap of spending more money because you're trying to save fifty cents on an item! One of the most dangerous things that can happen when we are trying to save money by using coupons is we overlook costs that might be associated with coupons. If you usually purchase a name brand product and you have a manufacturer's coupon for a national brand, find out what the real savings is before you buy the national brand product. Using coupons shouldn't mean that you spend more money, the purpose of them is to save money!

Double Savings With Double Coupons

There are several options for double coupon deals. Check out your local grocery store flyers and see what offers are available for both buy one, get one free deals and even coupon doubling opportunities. If you regularly use a product and it's available for buy one get one free even if you are not out of it this is a great way to save additional money and stock up products that can help you save money towards your home down payment. Also, there are often great deals to be had at warehouse stores like Costco. While they charge an annual membership fee, you can end up saving a fortune as you buy everyday essentials in bulk. Just don't get lured into making purchases you don't need (this is how a lot of the warehouse clubs end up making money).

Store Savings Cards

Many stores today offer small cards that can easily be attached to key rings and those cards will keep track of your purchases and print out coupons for products that you use every day at the cash register. These cards also help you take advantage of in store savings on products that are unadvertised specials. These savings can help towards your home loan down payment.

Additionally, many stores offer special incentives if you sign up for their credit card, often in the form of ten or even twenty percent off your first purchase. If you are going to be making a large purchase, it might be the perfect time to sign up for the credit card at that store to take advantage of the savings.

Save Money By Shopping Online

Over the past few years, business competition on the Internet has become fierce. As a result, the consumer has been rewarded with falling prices and great offers such as free shipping. Moreover, shopping online is more convenient, secure, and easy than ever. As such, I recommend shifting some of your offline purchases online for added savings. A great example: flowers. Next Valentine's day, why not buy your sweetheart flowers online and try to save money at the same time? A great starting point, in my opinion, is Roses Delivery. In addition to flowers, I suggest spending some time and determining which other purchases you can shift online for added savings.

Save Money For Your Down Payment With Comparison Shopping

Take advantage of all of the stores in your area to find the best savings on the most products. If you have the opportunity, purchase several items at different stores in your area and save money at the same time. Plan your shopping trips to coincide with sales at the stores that you frequent and determine where you can save the most money. In addition to comparison shopping in your city, why not also try out online comparison shopping, another great way to save money for your mortgage down payment.

This article is written by guest author Doreen Martel exclusively for Save For House.

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