Fun Ways To Save Money On The Weekend

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Family At The Park On The Weekend
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The weekend is here but your commitment to save money towards your new house down payment isn't wavering. You're wondering what you can do this weekend that can save money versus spending more than you should! You've been good all week long and you're looking for a special way to spend the weekend without spending a lot of money. There are some great options that are available to you.

Save Money By Eating Food At Home This Weekend

With just a little bit of planning you can have a fun weekend and not spend a lot of money on extras! If you feel like you'd like to splurge and have some take out food, why not preplan what you feel like eating and make it at home. It's not hard to do and can involve other members of your family. Eating at home is one of the best ways to save money.

Mexican Food: Everyone in your family loves Mexican food and you really want to treat them but you've made a vow to save money. How about preparing Mexican food at home? Mexican recipes are everywhere. You can make tacos, chili and other Mexican favorites for a fraction of the cost of eating out. Buy all your supplies, check the prices at your local favorite Mexican food restaurant and create your saved eating in jar and deposit your savings (per person) in there.

Pizza: Pizza is very easy to make at home and you can customize the pizza to your families' favorites without spending a lot of money. You can pick up frozen or fresh pizza dough, make your own sauce or buy a jar of sauce, pick up cheese and toppings and in 30 minutes you can have home-made pizzas. This is also a fun way for the entire family to do something together, getting everyone involved in making their own pizza.

Chinese Food: Your local markets offer a great variety of Chinese foods in fresh, frozen and even canned varieties. You can save a lot of money by checking on your family favorites and purchasing them in the quantities you need and you never have to go out for the evenings meal.

Fast Food Burgers: Why not buy fresh ground beef and rolls and make burgers for your family at home on your grill. You'll get the freshest of ingredients, proportioned sizes for everyone in your family and save money for your down payment at the same time.

Snacks: You can make some great snacks at home with a low cost! Popcorn, trail mix and snack mixes that you can prepare with your family are a great way to save money. You can find recipes for snack mixes on the back of many cereal boxes or you can create your own from your family's favorites.

Also interested in saving money on food during the work week? Live frugally by eating free food at your office.

A Night At The Movies - Savings and Fun

You are determined to save money but everyone in your family is clamoring for a good movie. There are a number of ways that you can save money rather than going to the cinema. Many video stores offer rentals for a couple of dollars for several days' rentals or check with your local community center or library for movies that they might loan out on your library card! Another option is inviting a neighbor for a "night out" and if they ask what they can bring have them bring a movie and promise you'll provide the snacks. Other options include checking your local paper for films that might be playing at a local playhouse, college or other school where they sponsor a local movie night. This is a very cost effective method of seeing new movies. You may wish to check out our additional tips for saving money at the movies.

Day Out! Fun and Home Loan Down Payment Savings

Everyone is clamoring for a day away from home but you're concerned about spending money as you're trying very hard to save. Here are some great cost effective day trips so you can have fun while saving for your home loan down payment:

Local Parks & Playgrounds

Most local parks and playgrounds offer great views, walking trails and places for the children to play. Your entire family can get out and enjoy a beautiful sunshine filled day just at the local park. Most parks don't charge any admission and you'll find swings, slides and walking trails suitable for young and old alike.

State Parks

Have you explored your state parks in your area? Most of the State Parks charge little (if any) fee and they are wonderful areas to teach your children about nature, take hikes and in some cases they even offer swimming opportunities.

Other Ways To Save Money For Your House

Check your local newspaper for events that are being sponsored by school groups, Lions Clubs and other service organizations. Almost always you'll find these are very cost effective methods of entertaining everyone in your family. Your local community center, local YMCA, Schools and other community locations often offer a variety of family options on weekends. Get involved in your community and save money at the same time. Follow these simple tips and you will have so much fun this weekend while saving money up for your home loan down payment or other money savings goal.

This article is written by guest author Doreen Martel exclusively for Save For House.

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